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Company Records

Maintenance of company records

Certain specific records relating to company administration must be kept at your registered office or such other location as is notified to the Companies Registry. Some aspects of the company affairs are a matter of public record and the Companies Registry must be informed of certain events - failure to comply can result in legal proceedings against the company and heavy fines.

These records must be sufficiently detailed to disclose your company's financial position at any time. In addition, your company must file an annual return with the Companies Registry every twelve months showing the current directors, company secretary and shareholders, details of charges or debentures issued and where the various company registers are held.

You must also keep minutes of board meetings and general meetings and you should also keep official documents secure. The Companies Registry now initiates the procedure by sending you an annual return form based on the previous year's information which then only requires you to update the return as appropriate.


All other services required by our clients

  • Filing of Confirmation Statements in UK or other annual returns in other jurisdictions
  • Notarisations of documents
  • Apostillation of documents
  • Power of attorneys
  • Certification of documents at embassies and consulates
  • Certificates of good standings and other certified documents for the companies
  • Mail processing and forwarding of correspondence
  • Web domains set up and emails management

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