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Company name search

When starting a new company it is necessary to conduct a company name search to ensure your preferred company name is available. Choosing a company name is an important part of the company formation process as many companies keep the same name through out their existence. By checking the availability of a company name before starting the formation process will reduce the possibility of the formation being rejected by the Companies Register in the country of incorporation

Preparation of statutory documents
In order to incorporate a company, its founders (or, depending on the relevant jurisdiction and type of company – the shareholders, the directors or simply the registered agent) may have to sign the articles of association – the main document that defines the name of the company being formed, its internal management structure, the possibility of increasing or reducing its share capital, as well as the details stipulating the manner of conducting shareholders’ meetings or special provisions for the dissolution (liquidation) of the company.
Constantis team will prepare and send you all the incorporation documentation, first minutes of the meetingand share certificates.

All companies registered in England and Wales are legally required to have a registered office address. Companies House, HMRC and other official bodies will send notices, letters and reminders to this address. The registered office address can be anywhere in England and Wales. To avoid potential fines and penalties, it is important that all correspondence sent to this address is dealt with promptly.

Our address will be filed at Companies House as your company’s registered office address and all official mail will be sent to you by e-mail initially within 48 hours of receipt.

As a company’s registered office is available for public viewing over the internet (free of charge), this may lead to your address being targeted for junk mail.
By using our address as your company’s registered office address, you will retain your personal address privacy, and we will destroy all junk mail sent to your company’s registered office address. For English companies owned by overseas residents it is a legal requirement to have a registered address in England where official government mail can be sent.

Some of our staff become directors of your companies. These directors have full responsibility towards the business, and are involved in supporting your company to navigate the UK regulatory environment by making sure they keep updated with new laws that come into force.

What we do

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