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Constantis offers its clients introductions to leading banking institutions that offer accounts in all major currencies, credit and debit cards, investment products and online banking facilities.
Bank account opening and management in UK

IIn a global economy, it is common place for businessmen to travel extensively. Being able to deal with routine banking matters means effective, efficient and reliable back office support is integral to business continuity. Furthermore, the banking industry has increasingly become risk averse in recent years, which means it is even more difficult to open and manage accounts on the go.
Our team ensure that your company’s day-to-day activities are carried out in accordance with your instructions.

Processing payments and transactions
Payment Processing Systems form an integral part of modern businesses and payment processing is an essential support function for every organization. With your business making regular transactions with customers every day, and with customers making payments to your company through various modes, it is important to have a smooth functioning payment processing department capable of processing all types of payments effectively.

Correct processing of payments received by the company from its customers is very important. Not only do the payments and/or payment information need to be recorded properly, the information needs to be updated in a timely manner on various records and databases. Payment processing needs to be a secure process since it deals with confidential information about customers and their bank accounts.

To introduce: We offer support and expertise in handling letters of credit, checking and submission of import / export documents, setting up export accounts for high volume of trading companies, all of these services designed to support the needs of our clients in a fast, professional and reliable way, giving them the time to focus on development and growth of the business.