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Our responsibility, as we see it, is to provide an equal service for all which is time-efficient, excellent value for money and individually tailored to client needs. Instead of standard fees, we formulate our costs according to our client’s requirements. It is of paramount importance for us that we accurately assess our client’s expectations in order to arrive at the most cost-effective solution for their business.

Constantis Limited offers external HR services to clients. With a long expertise we help our clients navigate employment matters by supporting with drafting hiring letters, start up of employment forms, employment contracts, performance reviews, etc.

We offer advice and consultancy on all company formation and other legal issues through our external legal advisors.
In addition to advice on company law we can assist with employment, contract and commercial law
All work can usually be done via email and telephone communications. We have clients all over the UK and abroad.

Building on a tradition of providing creative international business consultancy for companies new and established, Constantis continues to offer tailored, professional assistance across a range of financial services.