Legal Services

Legal advice and consultancy on UK company formation and business issues.


Consultancy via our external legal advisors

We offer advice and consultancy on all company formation and other legal issues through our external legal advisors.

In addition to advice on company law we can assist with employment, contract and commercial law.

All work can usually be done via email and telephone communications. We have clients all over the UK and abroad.

Employment law consultancy

Our Employment Law consultancy service allows employers across the country to focus on the success and growth of their business.

We provide employers with whatever help they need to ensure that all workplace issues are dealt with in a fair way and in full compliance with current Employment Law, to ensure that all Health and Safety requirements are made clear and to assist in the implementation of all necessary procedures for full compliance.

Via our external legal advisors we offer support with Trademark and copyright registration, drafting contracts. etc.

Please be aware that information provided by this website is subject to change without warning. We recommend that you do not take any information held within as a definitive guide to the law or the relevant matter being discussed. Our trained and friendly team are always happy to help with any queries so please don not hesitate to get in touch.

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